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    Topic:   Simpl_MySQLDumper add on no longer supported.  

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      It has been brought to my attention that

      a) The datbase backup / restore tool MySQLDumper does not work if you are using PHP 7.0+. See:

      b) For that reason the developer of the tool no longer maintains it and has declared the project closed.

      If you are using it with the Simpl_MySQLDumper module in kiwitrees it will continue to work until you upgrade your server to PHP 7.

      I cannot therefore recommend that any new user install or uses this module.

      I am currently looking at alternatives, and hopefully might be able to incorporate something into kiwitrees that does a similar job without the need for an external product.


      My personal kiwitrees site is

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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