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    Topic:   Privacy configuration  

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      I have a problem with the privacy settings for my gedcom file – registered users (members) are not able to display details of living individuals.

      I believe I have the default privacy settings for the gedcom, but here are the options I’ve used:
      Privacy options: enable
      Show dead people: Show to visitors
      Extend privacy to dead people: 0 0
      Names of private individuals: show to members
      Show private relationships: yes
      Age at which to assume a person is dead: 110 years.

      I also have privacy restrictions concerning email address, Phone, Repository, Source, Social Security Number, Submitter and Submission.

      Are there other configuration options which affect the display of living individuals?



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      Are you certain this effects ALL registered users, or just some?

      I ask because the setting you haven’t mentioned is on each user’s account settings: “Restrict to immediate family”. That would normally be set to “no” or no setting at all (displays “click to edit”). If it set to any other value, such as “1” it would limit their ability to see living individuals.

      My personal kiwitrees site is


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      In fact, it was more basic than this – I hadn’t set the user’s ‘Role’ to ‘member’. I assumed that when users registered they would automatically become members.

      Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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