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    Topic:   Just a thought.  

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      The drill of looking for MySQL 5.7.14 errors was an eye opener. Quite a bit of what is included in Kiwitrees had not been previously on my horizon.

      Having promised my database in GEDCOM format and my digital files to a Midwest historical society when I get too old to do this anymore or I die, I am trying to maintain a clean and well sourced database. I thought my effort was successful until some of the new features and the many administrative tools you have included in 3.3.0 taught me otherwise. “Find unlink records” and “Sanity Check” reveals alone got me digging deeper. Have some work to do, especially one big relationship error and with media use.

      Beta tested very early versions of FTM and have over the years worked with it and most other client and web based genealogy programs, including Kiwitrees’ grandfather. Kiwitrees visual layout, tools, and ability to deal with a large database, hands down, beats them all. Kiwitrees packaged with Apache, MySQL, PHP stack is better than any genealogy client programs out there.
      My hat is off to you for the time you dedicate to this and for an exceptional job. Thank you and don’t let the hiccups along the way get you down.




      Apache 2.4.27  PHP 7.19 MariaDB 10.2.8

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      I’m sure there’s no shortage of people lining up to second Roy’s vote of thanks, including many, like Roy, with more current technical know-how than me, but let me jump in immediately to agree with him that, having used many proprietory FH products, over the years, then having moved to PGV, then to webtrees, I must say kiwitrees has no equal.

      I have always argued that if only the ‘real world’ could adopt even a small degree of the selfless desire to help others that we find in the amateur genealogy community, we would all be living in a less troublesome world. But the contribution of the few people within that community like Nigel takes this into another dimension. A big THANK-YOU from me too!

      But please don’t rest on your laurels, Nigel, until you’ve fixed the

      General “function getClientIp()” error


      Ron in France
      kiwitrees 3.3.2; PHP 5.6.33; MySQL 5.0.11 ;

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