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    Topic:   CSV Events and Facts Report  

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      Did a Report using Event = Burial; Place = convention I use for place of burial and received the results I wanted. Name (both maiden/married if applicable) displayed on separate lines as they do for the INDI record. However, when exporting to CSV, the only way then go to Excel then to PDF to put on my iPod, had problems with names.

      All the names that had multiples showed as one continuous name: Name, Married Name and possibly Hebrew Name. Sarah Smith (maiden) | Sarah Brown (married) | SaraBatSmith (Hebrew) showed fine on screen, as per her record.

      SarahSmithSarahBrownSaraBatSmith in the CSV export. Therefore, OpenOffice (aka free Excel) couldn’t figure out how to separate to 3 names. Possibly because the names are on 3 lines. But, to put Sarah Brown on its own line would mean not being able to manipulate her record.

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      Yes, all perfectly true.
      CSV does not have any ability to include formatting. The export is only there to provide a way to export a block of data. It may well require manual processing to fully utilise it in whatever software you choose.

      However OpenOffice Calc does a pretty good job of accepting content pasted from html. So try just selecting the parts of the on-screen display you want and copy/ paste that unchanged.

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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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