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    Topic:   Birthdays without year  

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      I notice difference, I believe, in handling birthdays with no year. I seem to recall seeing “Jun 2” but now just see “2” for a June 2 birthday where I have no idea whatsoever the year nor an estimate.


      MacOS: 10.11.6  (El Capitan)
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      mySQL server: 5.1.56

      "The Royals 3.3.3" <>
      PHP 7.1 Fast CGI
      mySQL server: 5.1.56

      [updated: 10 Mar 2018]


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      I think your recollection may be slightly faulty 😜

      Kiwitrees must have a year for any date. Too many features will break without one.

      So when a malformed date occurs the code tries to identify a possible year from it. In your example the closest it can get is “2”, meaning the year 2.

      This is not new. It has always been the (necessary) practice.

      So the rule must be that if you don’t know the year (not even with ABT or similar adjuster?) then don’t enter a date. Use a note.

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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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