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    Topic:   Annoying message  

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      When doing a multiple delete action I get this annoying message in Firefox. It does not happen with Chrome. I have tried googling for a solution which has led to a state of confusion with some pundits claiming it is a security feature so live with it, some claiming it is a coding issue and the script should be written a different way, and some posting an FF config fix which no longer works. The action performs correctly but getting rid of the blessed message is pain.

      Should I just go back to using Chrome, just live with it, or IS there a different way of coding the action?


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      Yes, there will be a different way to code multiple deletes. I chose, for convenience, to simply loop through the pre-existing single delete as many times as necessary rather than write a new function. I’m sure this will be the cause of the problem.

      What is needed is a completely different function for deleting that allows for multiple deletes. I will look at this when time permits. Meanwhile I would definitely recommend you use a more convenient browser if you know you will need to perform multiple deletes.

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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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