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    Topic:   1939 Register  

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      I am beginning to harvest information from the 1939 Register and think it should fit alongside the Census Assistant templates. Have you any plans?

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      No plans as such, but I have been thinking about it.

      I enquired early on how people (kiwitrees users and wider genealogy circles) planned to record the 1939 register data. Sadly the answer was an even split between census and residence (CENS / RESI), so I didn’t pursue adding it as a census template within the Census Assistant framework.

      However I have also been using it more since FMP added it as part of standard subscriptions and find myself wishing I had started initially recording it as CENS data, if only for the tidier transcription, and automatic lining of family members.

      So now, whilst I could reasonably simply add it to CA, I will also need to consider how to convert all existing RESI tags and their associated citations etc. I would hope to be able to do this with a batch update tool.

      Is that something you would need? If so, can you let me have a typical sample of your current GEDCOM data for a Register entry.

      The other option might be to experiment with using the CA concept on other tags, such as RESI. That is something I want to do (it’s on the “long term” list here), but it’s a significant piece of work that I’m not even close to starting yet.

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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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