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    Topic:   1891 nit-picking  

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      Not of vital interest, but the UK 1891 census assistant has three columns for employment status. These are abbreviated to EmR, EmD, and EmN for Employer, Employed, and … errr … UnEmployed. It is not UNEMPLOYED it means NEITHER employer or employee, ie Own Account, working for themselves, annuitant, etc. Can the hover label be changed to something other than the UnEmployed tag such as Own Account, Neither. Is anyone alse bothered about this?

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      Neither. Is anyone else bothered about this?

      Many won’t be due to the limited international scope still of the Census Assistant, but I certainly am.

      I’ve changed it to “Neither Employer nor Employed” for the next release.

      As for “nit-picking” – keep ’em coming Paul. I value such attention to detail. In the case of these CA hover-tips they were always intended to be as close as reasonably possible to the headings on the original forms. It has to be “reasonably possible” only because in some cases, especially the UK 1911 the headers are extremely verbose.

      EDIT: if anyone wants to check all the main US/UK/CAN census forms they are available as blank images at


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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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