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    {I have to ask why you ran it with needing to accept changes. Indeed I wonder why you as admin require yourself to approve your own changes at all. Doesn’t seem logical to my mind.}

    I certainly can’t disagree with that Nigel, BUT I did not intentionally run it in a way that required me to approve the changes. The only place that I am aware of where I can indicate this is in my own personal entry in the User table, where, of course, I have ‘Automatically approve changes made by this user’ set to ‘YES’. Is there another setting somewhere which relats to running batch updates? – I couldn’t find one.
    This said, I re-ran the batch update and it seems to have worked perfectly OK this time. And Statistics now show 82.5% Dead – which sounds reasonable. So I really don’t understand what happened first time around!

    Ron in France
    kiwitrees 3.3.2; PHP 5.6.33; MySQL 5.0.11 ;