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    BTW out of record. Can you give me a hint how to use the background-image: url(../images/sprites-top-menu.png)
    EX: I would use the menu-chart sub chart familybook in my userdefined menu instead of making an icon each time I want to have a userdefined menu

    You need to use the same css as the menu-chart sub chart familybook uses. I think for colors it is on line 164 of colors.css:

    #menu-chart-familybook      {background-position:left -104px;}

    Just change #menu-chart-familybook to the id your custom sub-menu uses.Note also that there is a normal and RTL language version. You might not need the RTL version as your site does not allow for any of those languages.
    The “background-position” reference tells the css where in the sprite image that icon can be found (104px from the left

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