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    I can not use language file and userdefined translation and I did try long time ago to use this module.

    OK, I thought you were talking about something else. But, there is no reason I know that using both will not work. You just need to remember that the admin option is used after the php language file, so if the same translation is in both only the admin version will be used. Best to take them out of the php as you create them in admin.

    But either can be used, so if you are happier with the file, that is fine – your choice 🙂 But there is nothing “complicated” about your file. It is large, but that is not a major issue once created.

    But for pages, gallery, and menus I still think the best answer is to create two versions of each item (in the same module), one in Danish and one in American. Then there is no further translation required, and your Google translate on those pages will no longer be needed. But again, your choice. Perhaps I could change one of your “pages” as an example for you?

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