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    No I broke the session handler by doing this: (and my backup works)

    I have created the fancy reports in a menu (for ancestors) and I was about to make similar for decendents.
    I copied the extra_menu and renamed it the new module name as I have done for the others. It did not show in the module list so I tried again. And I think I copied and renamed from the fancy report for ancestor menu I made this time. All the time I was logged in. This time after it showed in the list. And as disabled. And still while I was logged in I made the changes in my userdefined language file and after uload of this I would hit the “clear cache” and then I got the session handling error.

    It does somehow makes sense to me! (in a way) Because the module was created in the database with errors but it did not help to edit the database and removing them (it was made in 4 lines with a 1 and -1 in the table). So I had to remove the standard kiwitrees files in modules, includes, js, lib and the admin files in the root with my db backup.

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook