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    To add to my earlier reply……

    Whichever solution you pick you are likely to need:

    1. A JavaScript file the solution will provide. It won’t matter where you put it, but inside your preferred theme file is probably going to be easiest.
    2. A piece of JavaScript code to run that file (or a link to one). It will probably need to go in your themes’ header.php file. Hence the recommendation to create a myheader.php file to avoid over-writing at upgrades.
    3. The above two will work, but may not look good, so you might like to tweak the appearance with some custom CSS (in a mystyles.css file).
    4. It is common, but not essential, to include a link to a web page that explains “cookies”. If your chosen one doesn’t include this there are some to be found through Google you can use.
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