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    I am saying if you have a source linked to a media object then it will be counted in the “Media objects” column of the source list. Attached is an example of a source linked to a media object:

    Here is the GEDCOM data for that media object:

    0 @M273@ OBJE
    1 FILE osborne-waghorn/ernest_waghorn.jpg
    2 FORM jpeg
    3 TYPE photo
    2 TITL Ernest Waghorn
    1 _PRIM Y
    1 SOUR @S44@
    2 DATA
    3 TEXT Cropped from photo of Ernest and Annie

    1 CHAN
    2 DATE 08 JAN 2010
    3 TIME 16:51:51
    2 _WT_USER nigelo

    My personal kiwitrees site is