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    I had a mix of CHR/BAPM. So I decided only to have CHR. The batch did that trick and I removed the tag BAPM from the setup.

    When you look at the explanation of gedcom tags it says:

    BAPL BAPTISM-LDS The event of baptism performed at age eight or later by priesthood authority of the LDS Church.
    BAPM BAPTISM The event of baptism (not LDS), performed in infancy or later. (See also BAPL and CHR)
    BLES BLESSING A religious event of bestowing divine care or intercession. Sometimes given with a naming ceremony.
    CHR CHRISTENING The religious event (not LDS) of baptizing and/or naming a child.
    CHRA ADULT_CHRISTENING The religious event (not LDS) of baptizing and/or naming an adult person.
    BURI BURIAL The event of the proper disposing of the mortal remains of a deceased person.
    CREM CREMATION Disposal of the remains of a person’s body by fire.

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