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    CHR and BAPM is the same in my opinion. Grownup adult BAPM/CHR is a different one (called CHRA as tag). The tags are used differently in software. Dunno why it is used in 2 tags.

    CREM and BURI is 2 different things. Here in Denmark you are cremated in ashes and burried as corpse. In Denmark you can not be baptised twice. You can have a given name and then after that baptised. There is no tag for “given name” – I used BLES but this one is a religious blessing – We can not use BLES when you get a name without baptise today. But I find it useful for the person I have born 1914 cause he got a name and the priest wrote it in the churchbook. At the confirmation he was CHRA

    Normally we call the adult baptisme (CHRA) and as you mention PAB among with the confirmation

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook