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    Clearly it’s not a major concern but is it a bug?

    That depends on your definition of a “bug”. The current design of messages is pretty much unchanged since PGV days. I can’t confirm, but believe this “odd” duplication has always been there. So by my definition it is “designed” rather than a bug.

    But that doesn’t make it right of course, and I agree with your question.

    Messaging overall is something I am working on for (hopefully) the next release. So the duplication will disappear as part of that process.

    For information there are a few issues behind the messaging sub-system re-write:

    • The current “php_mail” library has issues with latest PHP versions, so needs to be replaced.
    • The code for messaging is extremely convoluted so needs to be simplified.
    • Part of simplification will be to remove the internal storage of messages (sorry Ron, but the response to this subject a few months ago showed you are the only kiwitrees site actively using it 🙁 ) Existing stored messages will not however be deleted. Up to you what you do with them.
    • I anticipate removing ALL the messaging type options and just defaulting to “kiwitrees sends messages without storage”.
    • There will be a clear option for each user to opt out of receiving emails (except system generated ones like new passwords etc). (i.e. the current “Preferred contact method” = “none” setting
    • The currently broken html mail option will be fixed by changing the library used. (
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