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    This happend to me by media uploaded by ftp and using the “unused media” where I created the Mxxx number.

    That is the part I do not understand. You cannot manually create a Mxxx number.
    If a file already has an Mxxx number, then it can not be in the “unused” file list, unless either:

    1. the file name is different (even one character is “different”), or
    2. the file is in a different folder, or
    3. you are “creating” the Mxxx in a different family tree.

    None of these will appear as a duplicate.

    If you FTP a new version of an existing file, it does not create a new one. It just replaces it.

    I suspect that your assumption “ If the server says 945 files and the medialist says 946 files then there prolly is a file with 2 Mxx numbers.” is not correct. There might be another reason.

    What I will do (try) is to create a temporary check tool for you that finds the one Mxxx number that is not on the server. Does this situation exist on your 7.1 test server where I can look at both the software and the server files?

    That way either we will solve your particular issue (and not need a tool) or I will be wrong and I can use it to create a tool for everyone.

    My personal kiwitrees site is