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    Sorry, but no, not unless a lot of other people come here and agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think the title is the least important of the fields there, so appropriately at the bottom. The most I would (almost) willingly change would be to move Title above Format and Type, as they do have reasonable default settings, so rarely need changing.

    I want users to think properly about all the other fields BEFORE they think about the title. I can understand it might be different for a single-user site, but some of us are trying to shepherd dozens of users, many with minimal IT skills. If they were encouraged to just add a title (because its the first thing they see) I’d spend all day moving media files to the correct sub-folder / setting the right TYPE etc… Those are all extremely important on complex sites.

    In the future (not this version of kiwitrees, its longer term replacement “kiwitrees-nova”) I may make the help texts less obvious (partially hidden) on narrow screens such as your image displays. That would help a bit, I’ assume.

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