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    It makes sense in as much as I understand what you want to do.

    But unfortunately the answer is no. A media object can have a note attached, but not the other way round.

    This is where it becomes more useful to include a source for census events, as they can have both a note and a media item attached.

    Or, add the media object to the census event while you are creating it (at the same time you are creating the shared note). It will then be automatically included with the CENS event for all the individuals listed in the Census Assistant.

    You can also link a single media object to many individuals at one time using “manage links”.

    Here’s the GEDCOM spec for a Note Record:

    n @xref:note@ NOTE submitter_text {1:1}
    +1 [CONC|CONT] submitter_text {0:M}
    +1 REFN user_reference_number {0:M}
    +2 TYPE user_reference_type {0:1}
    +1 RIN automated_record_id {0:1}
    +1 CHANGE_DATE {0:1}


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