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    Note – Safari is part of the OS. It’s not standalone so “re-install” means the OS. Given she’s not at current OS, that she needs to have access to the OS version. Or upgrade . (Neither am I but am beyond hers.)

    Also, did she try your site using Mac Firefox?

    [updated: 01 Apr 2018]
    MacOS: 10.11.6  (El Capitan)
    Safari  11.1;  Firefox 59.0.2

    PHP 7.1 Fast CGI
    mySQL server: 5.1.56

    "The Royals 3.3.3 (03)" <>

    "Rebbes of Ger 3.3.3 (03)" <private>

    "Uncle Ummie's Journal 3.3.3 (03)" <private>