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    I have a daily backup of both. Server files and db. I will try to replace the current db with the db backup from 2 days ago. But it seems I can not have my main at php7.1. It still has these:

    ERROR 8: A non well formed numeric value encountered
    0 Error occurred on line 79 of file functions_print.php in function print_pedigree_person
    1 called from line 147 of file module.php in function getBlock
    2 called from line 3704 of file Stats.php in function _getFavorites
    3 called from line 3714 of file Stats.php in function gedcomFavorites
    4 called from line 134 of file Stats.php in function getTags
    5 called from line 149 of file Stats.php in function embedTags
    6 called from line 82 of file module.php in function getBlock
    7 called from line 84 of file index.php

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