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    Hopefully this is a one-off, but if consideration could be given to a message in the Clippings Cart text as i have suggested I think it would help to avoid any recurrence.

    See above:

    Regardless of whether this does turn out to be related to the clippings cart, I will investigate the feasibility of adding a log entry on record each time a clipping is created and downloaded, and by who.

    It’s possibly over-kill, but I have done three things:

    1. I have as you suggest added a sentence to the text at the head of the cart page warning of the need to keep it small, and talk to admin about larger requirements.
    2. I have set up a log entry for each time a user downloads a cart file. It gives user name, IP, time of download etc as all log entries do.
    3. I have added an email message to admins whenever a user downloads a cart file. It just gives user name and the statement that they downloaded a cart file. This will be on by default, but admins will be able to turn it off if preferred (admin user settings)
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