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    1) Most of the lists don’t include suffixes/prefixes. So, if you added to this report, you’d have to adjust all lists/reports to be consistent. Not asking that part, just the first name/last name that is typical for the lists (don’t run that many reports).

    2) Thankfully, ToyGuy caught my error very, very early as I started my family file with married names. Now I dread looking at trees/sources that use that only! Understandably at your end, it would be difficult for coding. And may also depend upon married name being entered (because it’s manual, sometimes forgotten). Will give thought to this one closer to usage time when I’ll have to export the CSV. The Excel file I use may give further insight to pass on.

    3) Here’s a sample:
    1 BURI
    2 DATE 21 JAN 2017
    2 PLAC “Old Whitemarsh Cemetery”, Talbot County, Maryland, USA
    2 ADDR Section 1
    3 CONT Plot: A

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