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    Some of my titles for images appear strange. Instead of going across the block they go down narrow column. But, before going further, I need to investigate further. A test in Royals shows things working so I’m not clear what’s up.

    Make sure when you do that you are comparing the same theme on each site. There are differences between themes. What you describe sounds like the correct display for the kiwitrees theme on the Individual pages > Facts and events tab.

    I’ve noticed the tab feature you introduced isn’t working. >> this I’ll concede maybe an OS issue as it’s not working in Safari or Firefox.

    In a previous post you said this:

    Unlike previous OS, the Mac settings for whether to open new links in tabs or windows. I set to new windows This OVERRIDES kiwitrees settings for tabs. Quite interesting. I do not mind this (but was getting accustom to tabs)

    So I guess all you need do is correct the setting so that new links open a new tab, not a new window. Otherwise you’ll probably effectively remove kiwitrees ability to edit data or at least make it extremely inconvenient.

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