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    Sorry, kiwi, I’ve misunderstood. I thought the code was temp fix and there was possibly something else causing the problems. yes, Colours menu is okay with the code.

    I’ve noticed the tab feature you introduced isn’t working. >> this I’ll concede maybe an OS issue as it’s not working in Safari or Firefox.

    Some of my titles for images appear strange. Instead of going across the block they go down narrow column. But, before going further, I need to investigate further. A test in Royals shows things working so I’m not clear what’s up.

    [updated: 01 Apr 2018]
    MacOS: 10.11.6  (El Capitan)
    Safari  11.1;  Firefox 59.0.2

    PHP 7.1 Fast CGI
    mySQL server: 5.1.56

    "The Royals 3.3.3 (03)" <>

    "Rebbes of Ger 3.3.3 (03)" <private>

    "Uncle Ummie's Journal 3.3.3 (03)" <private>