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    Thanks, that gives a very clear picture. There are a number of possible solutions:

    My best advice is to use only one software. Transferring data between products using GEDCOM “should” work. But in many cases it almost, but not quite works. This is because many products have interpreted GEDCOM in different ways. When you add the complication of media handling it only gets worse.

    If you use one software, and that is kiwitrees, there are two ways to do it:

    1. Do everything online / internet. This is how I operate. Every change / addition I make is done online. It is what kiwitrees was designed for, to allow family members around the world to collaborate and all edit the data at the same time. This way there are never any issues with transferring data or media.
    2. If it is really necessary to work offline you can still use kiwitrees. It can be used very easily on your desktop computer (with the addition of “virtual web server” software, which is free and easily installed), not connected to the internet. Then you can safely transfer GEDCOM files between the two. If you prefer not to edit online at all, you can switch off “edit” there. Then you only need to upload from your local copy, not both directions.

    If you absolutely still need to use two different software products (Aldfaer and kiwitrees) there will always be risks and compromises. The question then is how much can these be reduced.

    If you add media TYPE and highlight tags to your kiwitrees GEDCOM file, then export it; and import it into Aldfaer, what does it do with those tags? Will it keep them, or will it delete them. Try that, then re-export the GEDCOM out of Aldfaer and look to see if it retains those tags. If it does then that process might help.

    But the other complication is the structure of media in Aldfaer. You say that is:

    1 OBJE
    2 FORM jpg
    2 FILE filename.jpg
    2 TITL nameofaperson

    I assume this is inside an INDI record? When that is imported to kiwitrees it is updated to the GEDCOM specification 5.5.1 (Aldfaer is using something older):

    1 OBJE @Mxxxxx@
    0 @Mxxxxx@ OBJE
    1 FILE filename.jpg
    2 FORM jpeg
    2 nameofaperson

    This is important because it allows a single media object to be attached to multiple individuals, families, events etc. But what does Aldfaer do with these “0 @Mxxxxx@ OBJE” records? If it deletes them, then you should be able to avoid the issues on re-import into kiwitrees. The kiwitrees GEDCOM import screen has a check box with the explanation “If you have created media objects in kiwitrees, and have edited your GEDCOM off-line using a program that deletes media objects, then check this box to merge the current media objects with the new GEDCOM.” So you could experiment with this. I don’t know Aldfaer well enough to tell you if it will help or not I’m afraid.

    My personal kiwitrees site is