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    Thanks for that Nigel. I very much appreciate your thoughts.

    I don’t mind at all if people indulge in any amount of ‘tree farming’ at my site. That’s partly why I have it on the web anyway. I think that a proprietorial attitude to one’s research is, frankly, sad. I think too that providing sources helps people to evaluate the veracity of data. I’d be more inclined to believe, for instance, the information contained in a scan of a birth certificate than a birth date pronouncement for an individual in am tree.

    I very much like also to acknowledge the generosity of people who provide me with information in my sources. I usually cite them, for example, : Doe, John. “title of email message’, email message to Marion Purnell 24 July 2011. Having that acknowledgement regularly brings me email messages from people wanting to be put in contact with the person mentioned.  This has been on quite a number of occasions the means of bringing together people who share the same ancestry but who would otherwise have never had the chance to find each other. Very rewarding…

    If I could choose which to suppress, I’d be very happy! Short of that, I am having to go through quite a lot of entries to delete anything that I’ve re-keyed from two particular published works. The Copyright law in Australia allows ‘fair dealing’ (usually about 10% of the work) for research purposes, but because my site isn’t about just one line or a few lines of descent, I could very easily gobble the contents of a whole book on, for example, the convicts of the first and second fleets.  I’m nowhere near 10% but better to be safe than sorry. So, all direct quotation of the text must go, leaving only vital statistics, unfortunately.