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    OK. You have two ways to change this – the good and the bad. I suspect you will want to use the ‘bad’, but I’m going to recommend against it anyway J

    1 – The ‘right’ (good) way to change ANY language variable is to use a “Custom translation” file. Detailed instructions are at  It’s a fairly simple process, but if you go this way, just let me know if you have any problems.

    The benefits are:

    It will survive every software upgrade we do

    You can create similar files for other languages so the phrase is translated into all or any of the languages you have available on your site

    The problems are:

    The same phrase is used in a couple of places, and these may not all warrant the full length of text you are proposing (e.g. in the sidebar “Descendents” panel, and Descendancy charts). There is no way to change a single phrase in a single location using this feature. I would therefore recommend something simple like “No recorded children”, or “No children currently recorded”. Alternatively, consider simply changing the text to “” (blank); – say nothing if you know nothing!

    2 – The “bad” way is to go straight to the core code used on the family page.

    This WILL get over-written every time we upgrade (which is likely to be every 4-6 weeks on average).

    You cannot translate such non-standard texts into any other language.

    To do this the text is in the file /includes/functions/functions_charts.php; at line 262:

    echo WT_I18N::translate(‘No children’);

    Change that to something like:

    echo WT_I18N::translate(‘This family had EITHER no known children OR the existence of children has not been researched. Please use the email address below to contribute information’);

    Keep a careful note of the change (although future upgrades might change the location of the text) and remember to re-do the change each time we notify you of an upgrade.

    While on the subject of languages, I see you allow the full default set on the site, but don’t use “Australian”! You perhaps were not aware it existed. It is not greatly different from British English, but reasonably different from US English. I can add it for you if you wish.

    On my site I only load the three English variants (US, EN, AUS), as I have no (and don’t expect to have any) non-English speakers involved. I set one of these three as appropriate for each user in their personal account details, so they get to use the right one.

    Keeping the number of languages in use short does simplify a number of things, but especially the use of custom translations.



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