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    On that note, I disagree with adding the DOB, moving the user name, and messing with the date in the resource_todo module. Also, the print function might be nice to give a clean printed listing but is it really necessary. The members in the families I track also have many names in common but adding a DOB would just add an unnecessary distraction and not a clarification. If there is any question about who the individual is, simply click on the name and look.

    The DOB-DOD is already in the other report so consistency – and again, to make sure it’s the correct person. If I’m looking at report on my iPad, it’s not easy to go back/forth making sure I’m picking the right person. DOB-DO(where known) helps. Actually, even on desktop, it’s preferred over “guess which one”

    Why move the user name; the only purpose that I can see is served by the current ability to sort the columns. The date listing has already been addressed.

    Again, it’s in the recent_changes test as it’s not the important field. Having the person and details are. In fact “by” is used instead of “username”, shorter.

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