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    OK, I’ve had a look at your Royals site and can see you are getting confused by the fact this thread refers to TWO separate new test modules.

    The first post (post #5474) explains how to install and configure the first – a Research Tasks module (resource_todo)

    But you have installed the second – Recent Changes version (resource_changes).

    So what you need to do is:
    1 – Change the url used in extra menus (this is what I meant by ” just an obvious change in the url for extra-menu.”)
    from “module.php?mod=resource_todo&mod_action=show”
    to “module.php?mod=resource_changes&mod_action=show”

    2 – You also need to enable the module ‘Recent changes’ on Administration > Modules > Module administration (thats bullet point 2 on earlier post #5474)

    3 – You have added TWO todo menu items in extra menus, so delete one.


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