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    In your opening post you mentioned the recent Changes widget and report as well:

    On occasion, the Recent Changes module also becomes too large as a widget. I don’t want it on the home page but the respective report provides a satisfactory work-a-round.

    I’ve now created a “resource page” version of that one. Would you mind giving it a try for me (attached)?. Installation is similar to resource_todo, just an obvious change in the url for extra-menu. I have a slight usability concern over it’s config. options, so keen to hear your input. It would become a replacement for the Changes report, but still an alternative to the Home page block and / or the widget versions.

    My plan, probably with the next release (3.2.0, Jan 2016) is to add a new main menu item “Resources”. This will then be used to gradually replace items from the Reports menu with new versions along the lines of these first couple, plus a couple of other things such as the “fancy_treeview” module. Eventually I will remove the “Reports” menu completely, whilst ensuring the resource items can be easily printed without any need for messy pdf code and formatting.

    My personal kiwitrees site is