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    Hi Nigel
    This morning i have been trying to see if the problem occur on other computers/browsers, and it occur on all the computers/browsers i was trying.
    The setup was as stated below.
    Desktop pc running Linux Mint 17.2 with Firefox 40.0.03
    Desktop pc running Linux Mint 17.2 with Chromium 44.0.2403.89
    Laptop running Windows 10 pro with Firefox 40.0.3
    Laptop running Windows 10 pro with Google Chrome 44.0.2403.157 m

    I have this error in the kiwitrees log file ERROR 8: Array to string conversion; 0 Error occurred on in function array_unique 1 called from line 358 of file calendar.php but i dont think it has something to do with my problem.

    the server log file dose not report about any error

    I have sent you an email with login information

    Best Regards
    Ole H Madsen