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    There’s the problem. That footer link should NOT exist once you enable the new module. Looks like I need to correct code in the xenea theme for that. Temporarily switch to kiwitrees theme to see what I mean.

    Click on “Contact” in the main (top of the page) menus. That is the new feature, not the old link at the bottom.

    Though in your case, because you have the same contact for both Technical and Genealogy it still should not look very different. Just gets rid of the popup. The real differenmce cpmes of you have twp different contacts.

    The point of this module is primarily to allow a Contact link in the main menu <strong class=”d4pbbc-bold”><span class=”d4pbbc-underline” style=”text-decoration: underline;”>instead of</span> in the footer.

    Using Colours > coffeeandcream > still has contact at bottom; I added my own menu icon
    Using Xenea > as noted, contact is at bottom (as noted you’ll fix with upgrade); I added contact.png but it shows the Home.png icon

    I just changed to 2 contacts and see the difference in kiwitrees theme and Colors. I like jacqolin’s idea of the drop down option.

    [updated: 01 Apr 2018]
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    PHP 7.1 Fast CGI
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