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    I know the Admin page doesn’t have a theme which is strange because the page is /edituser.php. It appears above my user account. I was modifying editor account level versus privileges in modules.

    The error log as you saw shows about 5pm (my time) tonight but wasn’t found because the INDI pages are okay so only appeared when I tried modifying the account.

    I blocked out portion of the path in the image.

    [updated: 01 Apr 2018]
    MacOS: 10.11.6  (El Capitan)
    Safari  11.1;  Firefox 59.0.2

    PHP 7.1 Fast CGI
    mySQL server: 5.1.56

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    "Rebbes of Ger 3.3.3 (03)" <private>

    "Uncle Ummie's Journal 3.3.3 (03)" <private>