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    I suggest we also have a note like “You might have to contact your provider”. Not all users have access to edit the php version

    I disagree. It is not for kiwitrees to tell users how to upgrade their server or PHP. It is enough that we remind ( not require) them to upgrade it.
    Of course, if I added anything like that it would be advice to transfer hosting to 🙂

    However translations do not need to be exact. If you feel a different text would be appropriate for Danish users you can use that. I would never know 🙂

    A question about the PHP version
    KT runs at 5.6 now ? In case not – then we need a max. php version info in the help file

    I never include a maximum version. I would need to explain why it can not be used, and I know of no reason at present why kiwitrees would not work with 5.6, so until someone tells me there is no need for such advice. If anyone does know of an issue just tell me what it is and I’ll fix it and release an update. It will not be anything significant.

    Also, the reason for the warning is that old versions of PHP can be a security risk once they are no longer maintained. No other reason is important.

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