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    Paul, thanks for your feedback. Similar in some ways to everyone else’s, which is comforting.

    In a similar situation, using only tabs (no popups), I would use ctrl-tab instead of alt-tab. Ctrl-tab cycles through the tabs in a single browser window (from left to right) just like alt-tab cycles through windows. That is reasonably consistent across (windows) browsers. Then each browser has it’s own enhancements for things like skip-to-last tab / re-open last closed tab / move-tab, etc (see “Switch between tabs” for more info)

    When transcribing census data I usually set to its own browser window, with tabs for both their transcribed page and the census image as I find it helps to work from both.That browser window is docked to the right-side of the display, and the one with kiwitrees open docked to the left.

    If the kiwitrees one had an edit tab (instead of edit pop-up window) you woulld simply alt-tab to switch from ancestry to kiwitrees; and ctrl-tab to switch between the tabs within in each window.,

    This avoids the confusion I often get with windows moving around in the ‘stack”, and sometimes hiding my popups.

    … and am [slightly] concerned about developers developing for/on 27″ screens!!

    🙂 Don’t be concerned. I don’t think any developer (especially not this one) would be developing FOR 27″ screens. However I know very few who wouldn’t need to develop ON one (or even two or three simultaneously). Bear in mind that development often requires windows open for up to 6 different browsers at a time!

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