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    I should explain how the age display works….

    Before displaying the age the systems checks:
    1 a) does this person have a valid birth date, and
    1 b) does this person have a death record
    If 1 a) is positive and 1 b) is negative (i.e. was born and is not dead) then it will display age as at today.
    If a) or b) fail, then it goes on to:
    2 a) does this person have a valid birth date and
    2 b) does this person have a valid death date
    If 2 a) AND 2 b) are positive then it will display age on death.

    If both 1 and 2 fail, then no age can be calculated or displayed.

    So, I looked at indi George Henry Hubert LASCELLES (Q244).
    1 a) – yes he has a valid birth
    1 b) – he has no death recorded, and was certainly still alive in 2011 when he married. BUT, you have it set that anyone over the age of 1 year is assumed to be dead.
    So it fails test 1, and cannot show his age as at today.
    But also, he has no valid date of death, so he fails test 2 as well.
    Hence no age can be displayed at all.

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