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    I agree with Ron’s observations and can also understand your argument for the main menu option.
    A matter of style?. But before we fork off onto the use of edit pop-ups, I’d like to stay on the footer information topic.
    When I look at my footer it has:

    contact info
    Powered by info
    a horizontal line
    some copyright stuff
    some disclaimer stuff
    some logo
    some last updated info
    some white space

    All below the horizontal line is in the “custom javasctipt” module, where I also have Google Analytics code. The “Powered by” should be coded in core script where you see fit, but I might consider moving the contact info into “custom javascript” and word it more friendly like “If you have any questions or comments please contact …”. I feel the division between technical and genealogical can be offputting. Most of my contacts have just been “Hey, great site, I’m the xth descendent of Joe Bloggs, do you want more info”.


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