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    Ron, thanks. That’s useful feedback.

    For me personally the comparison with other sites comes down to considering the purpose of a web site. But that can vary enormously.

    For me, getting people to contact me about the data I have in my tree is a, if not the, major function of my site. It is how my user base and hence the tree itself has grown. Hence my interest in elevating it to the main menu.

    But others have have other reasons for their sites, such as sharing their research with family, making random contact less important.

    So it certainly makes sense to ensure a change like this is an option, not a requirement.

    But the excel use exercise has also made me think about another issue; that of kiwitrees’ use of pop-ups for a lot of input. Is that a good thing, or would new pages for editing etc., as this contact page is, a better way to go? Or are there other alternatives? Thinking especially about possible benefits on smaller devices.

    My personal kiwitrees site is