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    Hi Nigel,

    Before responding to this, I thought I would check out a random selection of my my most-frequently used sites – News sites, major retailers, genealogy sites, history sites etc., – to see how they handled contacts – and I was interested to see that almost without exception they placed Contacts at the bottom!

    I suppose this is because, arguably, most websites aim to meet the user’s needs without recourse to contact, for which they are not really staffed up. I’m not sure whether we are really any different in this respect. I think the Kiwitrees function set is sufficiently rich that direct contact with us should really be exceptional and moving it up to the main menu could imply an elevation in its status to that of a major function of the site??

    So although my initial reaction was that what you have produced is a cleaner, neater way of handling it, my sampling – although admittedly unscientific – seems to indicate that the average Internet user must be used to looking for Contact details at the bottom, so I’m not sure that change would really gain anything for my site and personally I think I would be happier to leave things the way they are.

    Ron in France
    kiwitrees 3.3.2; PHP 5.6.33; MySQL 5.0.11 ;