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    I’ve never used it (didn’t even know it existed).

    I suggest you put something in the field, then see how it displays. That will give you an answer to what you might want to use it for. It doesn’t matter what you enter, as it’s just a plain text field. So I guess the only answer I can fully give is “it’s whatever you want it to be”.

    BUT, I recommend you think carefully about whether yo use it first. Any tag that begins with an underscore (“_COML”) is not standard GEDCOM. therefore, as your query already points out, will not be well supported by some software, and not at all by others. I think it would be better to use the “TYPE” sub-tag part of the standard “MARR” tag. That is certainly what I do.

    (Note: after checking I can see it is one of the many unofficial tags invented by the Brother’s Keeper software because they couldn’t be bothered using GEDCOM as intended. That sort of approach is why GEDCOM now has such an unnecessarily bad name for consistency).

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