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    I’ve had a go at fixing this today, but unsuccessfully. I should also say it’s not the first time I’ve tried either. I did have a fix for it in my ‘simpl_grey’ theme, but that only worked because the entire theme was premised on an absolutely fixed display width. I can marginally improve the display, but any fix in this code will only generate other problems.

    So I don’t think there is an easy fix for now. Ultimately it will require a well needed re-think of the entire presentation of the individual “facts & events tab”, and in particular the way we display large census transcriptions.

    One thought I have is to change from open/close for the source / note / shared notes details to a pop-up or ‘modal’ overlay, similar to the colorbox used for images.

    The problem with the current code on that page / tab in particular is that it has grown into a very messy set of mixed div and table HTML tags, all convolutely nested inside one another. Then of course any fix needs to allow for the display of any census year, translated into any language, in any theme, using any screen size including tablets and smartphones (eventually) !!!!

    So definitely an important project for a later release I’m afraid.

    Happy to hear any ideas you or anyone else may have.

    My personal kiwitrees site is