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    Unless you want to completely re-write the kiwitrees account creation code, the only way to achieve that is with a custom link that lets new users send those details to you in an email so you can create them as a new user in kiwitrees. There is an example of that here:

    You also need somewhere to store that additional information. Although I understand that ZionRoots do that just by keeping a hard copy of the emails!

    I figured that was the case hence not getting too far. I have the pages I want drafted and figured if you send the request via kiwiTrees, I could reply with the html form(s) required. I had 2 user requests that I couldn’t figure out and back/forth emails didn’t seem to provide the info needed to confirm their identity. (Gee, they want access to my info yet seem to think they shouldn’t provide theirs.) As I said, long range indeed.

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