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    440 posts

    0 @I7169@ INDI
    1 NAME John /Smith/
    1 BIRT
    2 DATE 21 AUG 2014
    2 ASSO @I8865@
    3 RELA twin
    Allowed by kiwitrees, but not correct GEDCOM
    >>>> THIS ONE I USE

    0 @F7169@ FAM
    1 HUSB @A16702@
    1 WIFE @A9242@
    1 MARR
    2 DATE 10 OCT 1892
    2 ASSO @I5224@
    3 RELA witness
    Allowed by kiwitrees, but not correct GEDCOM
    >>> THIS ONE I USE

    I did just Google the tag and found the definition you quote. But, as you say, the 3 versions have always had them so never knew otherwise. The one you say is not allowed (by the apps and GEDCOM), I’ve never used.


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