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    Glad that’s fixed.

    Have you removed all ASSO tags from family records?

    You must, as apart from causing this sort of error it is not allowed in GEDCOM spec, as mentioned previously when you asked about it.

    Did you add them through raw GEDCOM edit, or have I left a back-door open to let you add ASSO to FAM tag list? If so, I need to close that door.

    No, I’ve not removed them (FAM ASSO tags). Sorry, don’t recall that I wasn’t suppose to have them. The option is in the edit window for the event, like marriage. Two ASSO fields (unlike one for individual). Hence if you’re saying they’re not proper, then I had no idea.

    What’s best way of finding the records affected if they’re wrong? How do I express associated people to a family event?


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