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    True at the fact it is translated in family navigator – but not as type and I took the type from this (see encl)

    That is a different “TYPE” reference unfortunately.

    The creation of a “foster” link is created by adding a 2 PEDI foster to the child’s connection to the family:
    1 FAMC @F59@
    2 PEDI foster

    No other entry is REQUIRED.

    What you have done in addition to that, on the left of the Facts page (I do the same) is to add a Custom Event with type “Foster”. THAT field is pure text only and can be absolutely anything you want it to be because there is no limit to what you can use Custom Events for. So there will never be any way we can translate it in kiwitrees. Just the same as we cannot translate NOTES.

    If your site is primarily Danish, you might want to consider changing it to:
    1 EVEN
    2 TYPE Adoptiv

    My personal kiwitrees site is