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    Currently the only structured way you can do this is to manually create a table in a shared note using the simple coding elements that Census Assistant uses. There are only two elements, one to create table “cells” and another for bold text (such as in column headers), plus some necessary code around them:

    • Start with a title for the note.
    • Leave a blank line below that
    • Add the text “.start_formatted_area.”
    • On subsequent lines create table cells using “|” as separator. [make sure every row has the same number of “cells”]
    • In the first or header row add “.b” to each cell to make it bold.
    • After the last row add the text “.end_formatted_area.”
    • Add a final blank line.

    That all looks like this in the edit window:

    1841 UK Census transcript – John Gallard Saunders – Bromley

    John Saunders|45|M|B L [Bricklayer]|Y|
    Ann Saunders|40|F||Y|

    Long term I hope to be able to provide a way this could be done via a template.

    My personal kiwitrees site is