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    Hope my use of WWI centennial shows my thoughts:

    It’s the 100th anniversary for Canada entering WWI. Europe was already at war. US entered later. So that’s different dates and events per major country. Significant, yes. But my question would be does it apply DIRECTLY to my rellies (like the adapted name)? Did they serve? Where/when? Did they provide notable service – if so, then it would apply via the mention in media, medals, or other.

    If not, then I’d consider it significant but not noteworthy within context of my genealogy. Would be too hard to determine what WWI dates/events to record. To whom would I attach the event/story? I’d tend to look at dates on a record and know that they fell during this period and if I wanted to know more, do general research.

    I find researching and keeping track of many direct elements for the thousands of rellies I have daunting so attempting to track historical events would be too much.

    But maybe it’s because I’ve not broadened the scope of my research yet. Still coping with collecting vitals.

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