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    True and yes I did noticed the earlier suggestion – but read it as you would put it on as a frame.

    I was thinking about having it as a kind of menu (textbar) sorted of self-defined html, to-do – task – journal or w/e users put in their “my page”. Editing their profile also one that could be there! And when you click at this textbar – it will open a frame upon the page (a bit like pop-up and not a pop-up). And this menu-bar only viewing like this mouse-attention (forgot what it is called excactly)

    Do you remember the old pgv-theme where the design had oak tree as color? That dev. made a sidebar a bit like this! It was not great – but your version will be 🙂

    But the easy way could just be to have access rules for the blocks/frames we use (journal-todo-html blocks ect) and we can just put it on main page and remove “my page” completely. And ex. at the edit mode – having this view setup – view page as member/visitor (like editing a normally homepage – where you have the option to view what you just added/edited). If we can do that – then we can have mainpage when logged on only showing the user defined blocks/frames (if any are made).

    Well this is just some ideas – your way perhabs the best solution 🙂

    Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of:,, and danish support at and facebook